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UOP and Ensyn join forces to create Envergent Technologies

Envergent Technologies brings together two experienced, recognized leaders in their respective fields – Ensyn and UOP, a Honeywell Company. As Envergent Technologies, we provide a proven, practical way to convert biomass to RTP green fuel, used to produce renewable heat, generate green electricity and to produce renewable transportation fuels.


UOP – A century of innovation in oil and gas

UOP’s corporate lineage dates back to 1914 and the Dubbs thermal cracking process – often heralded as the foundation of modern oil refining. Since then, UOP engineers have generated thousands of patents covering process technology and equipment design.

In 2006, UOP formed its Renewable Energy & Chemicals business to develop ways to efficiently and profitably convert biological feedstocks into more valuable, environmentally friendly renewable fuels and chemicals.

Today, UOP licenses its Ecofining™ process to produce high-quality, drop-in replacement Honeywell Green Diesel™ and its Renewable Jet Fuel™ process to make Honeywell Green Jet Fuel™.

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ENSYN – Practical, proven technology since 1989

Ensyn’s proprietary Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP™) technology is the world’s first commercial thermal conversion process. This unique process converts residual biomass from the forest and agricultural sectors as well as cellulosic-based, post-consumer materials such as construction and demolition wastes to RTP green fuel for use in power generation and process heat applications.

To date, Ensyn has designed, built and commissioned seven commercial RTP plants in the United States and Canada. These facilities currently convert biomass for use in the manufacture of more than 30 commercial products ranging from food flavorings to adhesive resins. More than 37 million gallons of RTP liquid fuels and chemicals have also been produced, half of which has been used commercially as an industrial heating fuel.